Bad Breakup Means Bad Ice Breaker

, , , | Learning | July 27, 2018

(My girlfriend and I volunteer to help with nurse practical exams, which means we play the roles of various patients the nurses in training have to respond to. This leads to many interesting stories, but this one is the best. My girlfriend gets to play the role of a girl admitted to the ER after a suicide attempt following a bad breakup.)

Girlfriend: *jokingly to the examiner* “I hope they won’t pull the whole ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ line on me. I think that would only make things worse.”

Examiner: “They should have more common sense than that.”

(In comes the nurse in training, who, faced, with amateurishly fake crying, proceeds to give her every clichéd post-breakup line in the book. My girlfriend manages to make her fits of laughter pass as more crying, and it fools the guy well enough. To top it all off, he gives her her clothing without removing the belt, giving her everything she needs to hang herself in the scenario.)

Girlfriend: *after the nurse in training left* “Please tell me he failed.”

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