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Bad Behavior And Gross Judgment

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I go to a fast food restaurant for a late-night snack. I get there about forty minutes before they close. When I get in, I see a young woman in uniform mopping the floor in the dining area and attempting some… erotic… dance moves with the mop. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else in the restaurant, so after a minute, I call out to the woman to let her know I’m inside. She doesn’t seem to hear me, so I start to walk closer and realize that she has earbuds in her ears. As I reach out to tap her shoulder and get her attention, she turns around, sees me behind her, and gets startled.

Woman: “What are you doing? Enjoying the show, pervert?”

Me: “No, I’m trying to order some food.”

Woman: “Nice try! We’re closed.”

Me: “The sign on the door says you close at midnight. It’s only 11:20 right now.”

Woman: “Well, too bad. I don’t serve perverts who break in and ogle me like that. You need to leave now.”

Me: “Is there a manager I can talk to?”

Woman: “Nope. Just me. You’re lucky I’m letting you just leave instead of calling the cops on you for breaking in and sexually assaulting me.”


The woman’s face falls when a manager comes out of the employee office.

Manager: “Can I help you, sir?”

Me: “Your employee said you were closed, even though the hours on the door show that you’re still open for half an hour.”

Manager: “[Woman], is that true?”

Woman: “He was trying to grab me, so I wasn’t going to serve him.”

Me: “I wasn’t grabbing you, I was going to tap your shoulder because you had earbuds in and didn’t hear me calling you.”

Manager: “[Woman]… were you wearing earbuds and dancing while you cleaned again?”

Woman: “I need to practice! I have a show tomorrow night!”

Manager: “Why don’t you grab your stuff and go home? You’ve caused too many problems lately, and I’m tired of dealing with all your made-up complaints about customers, and the real complaints about you from customers.”

The woman tries to argue for a bit but gives up and storms to the back office. The manager finally turns to me.

Manager: “I’m sorry about that. You’re obviously not the first person she’s done this to. She’s just causing drama. Her show is tomorrow night on stage at [Local Gentlemen’s Club], if you want to see her again. Honestly, I don’t know why she always complains about guys staring at her when she makes a living putting herself out there like that. Now, what can I get for you?”

I suddenly wasn’t very hungry anymore.