Bad, Bad Employee! For Shame!

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(I work as a host in a restaurant right after I graduate from college. As a rule, we do not seat larger parties unless they have at least half of their party present. A man and his son walk in.)

Me: “Hi, how many?”

Man: “There’s going to be eight of us.”

Me: “Okay, well, we can’t seat you until half of your party is here.”

(They don’t say anything and sit on the bench in the foyer. Since it’s slow, I decide to go ahead and set their table up. Afterward, I walk around the restaurant to collect menus. While I’m in the back of the dining room, I see that their group is starting to arrive. I start walking towards the door to get them to their table.) 

Woman: “This is just ridiculous!”

(I walk faster and finally get to them and show them to their table. On my way back to the host stand, I see that she has cornered my manager.)

Woman: “My husband and son wanted to get here early and have an appetizer while they waited and they were told to wait! This is just ridiculous!”

(He ended up comping their entire meal and I got in trouble for following policy.)

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