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Bad Baby Burger

, , | Right | February 12, 2020

(I am working at the counter at a fast food restaurant. A woman comes in about an order she placed the previous evening, so I witness the exchange between the woman and my manager.)

Customer: “Yeah, here’s my receipt. I bought a bunch of food here last night and when I brought it home, one of the burgers had a hair in it so I had to throw the entire bag away! I called and the lady I talked to on the phone told me you would refund my entire order.”

Manager: “Okay, did the manager you talk to explain that we only do refunds if you bring us the food back? Unfortunately, if all you have is the receipt, the best we can do is replace the food.”

Customer: “That’s complete bulls***! The lady I talked to on the phone said you would refund my money. All of my money! Why would I want more s****y burgers from a place that puts hair in my food!”

Manager: “I’m sorry about the confusion, ma’am, but our policy has always been to refund the order if the customer brings it back into us. Without the food, the best I could do is replace it or maybe get you a gift card.”

Customer: “The lady on the phone said you’d give me my money! I want my money! My little boy is only three months old and your s****y burgers could have killed him!”

(My manager is also getting pissed since she knows this lady is trying to scam us.)

Manager: “I seriously hope you are not trying to feed a hamburger to a three-month-old, but I’m pretty sure you are exaggerating to try and get your way. Now, I have told you about your options and our policy, ma’am. I’m sorry if you were told otherwise, but this is how we have always done things here. In fact, I’m going to call the manager from last night right now.”

(My manager picks up the phone and starts dialing. The customer then starts back towards the door, shrieking at the top of her lungs.)

Customer: “This is bulls***! This place is disgusting and terrible and I’m going to tell everyone that you’re poisoning your food on purpose just to ruin our lives!”

Regular: “What crawled up her a** and died?!”

(The night manager confirmed that the lady was lying. We also called our sister store to warn them in case she went there next. They had the police escort her out of their store.)

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