A Bad Attitude At Any Altitude

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(I am on an airplane with a friend. [Customer #1] is a mother with two young children, and is unable to get seats with both of her kids, so her two-year-old is seated several rows away. She asks [Customer #2] if she’d switch. When [Customer #2] refuses, a woman in the row behind her volunteers. As [Customer #1] is helping her child get settled in, the child asks why she couldn’t be next to her.)

Customer #1: “Well, some people just aren’t very nice.”

Customer #2: “Excuse me? How dare you say I’m not nice.”

Customer #1: “Well, you did refuse to switch seats with a child.”

Customer #2: “Oh, so, just because you didn’t get your way, you’re going to say I’m not nice? Excuse me.”

Flight Attendant: “What seems to be the problem?”

Customer #2: “This woman just called me rude. It’s not my fault. I bought my ticket early. I got on the plane on time. Why should I have to move my seat?”

Flight Attendant: “What is it that you want me to do about it?”

Customer #2: “She can’t just go around telling her kid that I’m not nice.”

Flight Attendant: *confused and kind of helpless* “I’m sorry.”

Customer #2: “Yeah, you’re not that sorry.”

Customer #3: “Look. It’s a six-hour flight. You two need to find a way to get along. We’re all going to the same place.”

([Customer #2] spent the rest of the flight petulantly staring out the window. The kids were fine. And when we arrived in San Francisco, my friend got a good look at her.)

Friend: “She didn’t have b****y resting face. She was just a b****.”

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