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Back To The Future

, , , | Related | December 31, 2013

(It is near New Year’s Eve 1985. I am eight years old.)

Me: “Dad, when the year changes from 1999 to 2000, will you let me stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve?”

Dad: “You’ll be 25 then; you won’t need my permission.”

(I’m stunned; it’s the first time I really face the fact that I’ll actually be an adult one day, so I remember the incident well. Fast forward to near New Year’s Eve 2000, and I am 25 and living with my girlfriend. I am chatting with my dad over the phone.)

Me: “Hey, do you remember when I was a child, and asked you about staying up late on New Year’s Eve 2000?”

(I proceed to remind him, and he laughs.)

Me: “…well?”

Dad: “Well what?”

Me: “Well, can I stay up until midnight?”

Dad: “Okay, just since you asked, then NO! I want you in bed and ready for story-time by 8:30!”