Back To The Future High School

| Cincinnati, OH, USA | Learning | February 15, 2016

(I go to a very large and decently wealthy public high school. At the beginning of and halfway through every semester, we have drug dog inspections. It is the start of the new semester, as well as drug dog day, and an administrator is reading some new school rules/reminders over the loudspeaker.)

Administrator: “Here’s a note on ‘student levitation.’ Hoverboards are here to stay, but not on school property. For your safety, we ask you to refrain from bringing Hoverboards on campus. Do not ride them in the hallways, and do not leave them in your locker.”

(The kid sitting next to me is one of the ones who brings his Hoverboard to school. He leans over to me.)

Hoverboard Kid: “I really hope the drug dogs can’t smell Hoverboards now.”

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