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Back To Swear One

| Working | September 16, 2012

(I’m having trouble with my car, so I take it to the mechanic. On Friday, the mechanic calls me up and says that they’ve found the problem, but the required part won’t be in until Monday. He tells me that I can have my car back for the weekend, and bring it back on Monday. On Monday morning, when I bring the car back to the shop, the manager looks up from the front desk and starts yelling at me.)

Manager: “YOU! What the f**k are you doing here?”

Me: “The mechanic told me to bring the car back on Monday.”

Manager: “All you godd*** f***ing people! You all think the world revolves around you! What the f**k makes you think we’re ready for your car today?”

(Getting angry myself, I slam my keys on the counter.)

Me: “I spent my weekend arranging alternate transportation! For all I care, it can sit in your parking lot until you are ready for it!”

Manager: *grumbles under his breath*

Me: “I’m curious now. When do you think you will be ready for it?”


(On Friday, not having heard back from the shop, I call them up, and the manager angrily tells me I’ll have it back the following week. On Monday afternoon, the manager calls me and tells me my car is fixed. I return to the shop and we have this exchange.)

Manager: “I’d like to apologize for my behavior last week. I had two mechanics quit and another call in sick, and we were very busy and understaffed. Once again, I’m sorry for the way I treated you.”

Me: “Sorry enough to give me a discount?”

(At that question, the manager instantly turns back into the ball of rage I’d met the week before.)


Me: “Just give me my car back.”

(I’ve never been back there!)

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