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| Working | February 26, 2013

Supplier: “We haven’t gotten paid for [Customer]’s time.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. Can you tell me who the customer’s company is, so I can connect you with the analyst who handles that account?”

Supplier: “[Supplier Name].”

Me: “No, that’s you. Where was the work being done?”

Supplier: “[My Company Name].”

Me: “Okay… that’s us. Where did [Customer] perform his job?”

Supplier: “[Supplier Name].”

Me: “There are three parties in this relationship. There’s our company, and your company, and…?”

Supplier: “[My Company Name]?”

Me: “Okay. [Customer] gets out of bed in the morning. He brushes his teeth, takes a shower, gets dressed, drinks a glass of orange juice, gets into his car, and drives to a work site. Where. Does. He. Go?”

Supplier: “Oh! [Customer’s Company]!”

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