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Their Back Is A Pain, And So Is This Customer

, , , , | Right | August 29, 2017

(I am a cashier at [Fast Food Restaurant]. I’m not feeling so hot this day. I’ve been putting up with a lot of back pain for the last two weeks, so I’m not as upbeat as I normally am, but I’m still really polite with my customers. This woman and her four kids come in, and they place a huge order.)

Me: *after reading back the entire order* “Okay. For here, that’ll be $26.14.” *trying to remember to smile*

(The customer hands me $30, and as I’m counting out her change, she tells me she has a quarter.)

Me: “Oh, okay.”

(I adjust my posture, trying to negate my back pain, and hold my hand out to receive her quarter.)

Customer: “Oh, you got an attitude problem. You don’t like how I count my change.”

Me: “Ugh… I…”

Customer: “Okay. I want a refund. Kids, we’re going to [Other Restaurant].”

(I literally didn’t say anything else to her. I gave her a sideways look and got my manager. At first, my manager took the customer’s side and went to write me up. The manager left me in the office for ten minutes while she went to get the customer’s complaint. When my manager came back to the office, she apologized and told me to get back to work. Apparently, at least two customers and a coworker pleaded with my manager, and told her that I didn’t do anything wrong. I came back just in time to see the customer’s kids looking extremely confused as they walked out. This isn’t an uncommon scenario, either.)

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