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Babies Are Better Out Than In

| Related | January 2, 2014

(I’m 17. I have recently broken up with my boyfriend after telling him I was pregnant. I’ve got a new girlfriend, and I’m about to come out to my mum.)

Me: “Um… Hey, mum? I think we need to talk…”

Mum: “Sure. What’s up?”

Me: “Well, um… I’m not quite sure how to say this…”

Mum: “Just get it out. You know I’ll always love you.”

Me: “Well… You know how I broke up with [Boyfriend]? Well… I’ve got a girlfriend now. I’m bisexual.”

Mum: “Oh, thank god. What’s her name?”

Me: “Wait. You’re okay with it? Oh, thank god… Her name’s [Name].”

Mum: “Of course I’m okay! I thought you were telling me you were pregnant!”

Me: “Um… About that…”

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