Aye Aioli!

, , , , | Working | February 14, 2020

(My mom is a vegetarian and hates the taste of anything resembling mayonnaise. She goes to a vegan restaurant for lunch and orders a BBQ “beef” sandwich. When the waitress brings her order, in addition to the BBQ sauce the bun is covered in this light orange goo.)

Mom: “Thank you, and I’m sorry, but I actually ordered this without the chipotle aioli.”

Waitress: “It’s not aioli; it’s chipotle mayo.”

Mom: *trying not to say that’s what aioli is* “Oh, my mistake. The menu said aioli, so that’s what I asked to be left off; I don’t like mayo or mayo-like products.”

Waitress: “Yeah, it says no aioli on the ticket but that’s mayo. It’s okay. We’re a vegan restaurant; you can eat it.”

Mom: “Yes, I know it’s vegan. I just don’t like it. A lot. I’m sorry.”

Waitress: *sighing* “Fine, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t some stupid egg thing.”

(The waitress walks to the kitchen, which is open and about twelve feet from us.)

Waitress: “Can you remake this without mayo?”

Cook: “It’s not mayo; it’s aioli.”

Waitress: “But she doesn’t want it.”

Cook: “It’s okay; we’re vegan.”

(My mom is sitting at the table literally wanting to pound her head against it.)

Mom: “Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. Can I get it with nothing but the BBQ sauce, please? It’s okay that it’s vegan; I just don’t eat it.”

Cook: “Oh, okay. We can do that ‘cause, you know, the ticket did say, ‘no aioli’ originally.”

(It’s almost as if food should be made the way it’s requested.)

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