Axe This Line Of Questioning

| Learning | March 9, 2015

(I’m in creative writing, and my teacher is talking about how we need to do research for our stories. A few minutes earlier, Classmate #1 had mentioned his story would be set in a fantasy world.)

Teacher: “You might have to look up little details such as the layout of a famous building or the distance between two cities or…” *pauses dramatically, looking at classmate* “…how to use a battle axe!”

Classmate #2: “I don’t think you can research that, [Teacher].”

Teacher: “Well, then you’ll just have to try it yourself!”

Classmate #1: “If I could get my hands on a battle axe, I would have mastered it by now.”

Me: “Maybe you shouldn’t be giving [Classmate #1] encouragement, [Teacher]…”

Classmate #1: *laughs maniacally*

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