Avoiding Law Suits In Swim Suits

| Working | October 1, 2013

(My husband, brother, sister-in-law, and myself all go to a new water park one day. Right off the bat my brother bumps his head on the inside of a slide and falls off his tube so we have to get him checked at the medical tent. About two hours later my sister-in-law flips off her tube and gets a bloody lip. The on-site nurse approves her to continue playing in the park. Thirty minutes after that, we are back in the medical office again.)

Nurse: “Hello again, who is it this time?”

Me: “Me, sorry. I just tripped and wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt my ankle really bad.”

Nurse: “It looks bruised and you may have pulled this muscle, but it’s not sprained. You should be fine to walk on it as long as it doesn’t swell up. Are you guys planning on leaving soon?”

Husband: “Actually we were on our way out when she fell. Why do you ask?”

Nurse: “Today is a pretty busy day, but you are the only group who has been in here all day! I’m starting to get worried about you guys.”

Sister-in-law: “Oh, don’t worry. We’re all just ridiculously clumsy. This is normal everyday for us.”

Nurse: “Oh okay…”

(On our way out, we go through the gift shop. We are stopped by an employee and handed an envelope.)

Employee: “I heard you guys had a rough day. I hope that doesn’t stop you from coming back sometime. For your troubles, here are some free tickets. They don’t expire so come back whenever you want.”

Sister-In-Law: “Thank you so much! You really didn’t have to.”

Me: “We’ll be back as soon as we heal up first.”

(On the way out, my husband slams his hand in the door.)

Husband: “OUCH!”

Employee: “Please don’t sue!”

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