Avoid This Boss Like The Plague

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I left a job right before the health crisis shutdown. The boss was extremely toxic but labored under the delusion that he was an excellent boss and was well-liked. He wasn’t, and our huge turnover rate was due to him. He was angry when I turned in my notice, telling me how no one would treat me as well as he did.

I happen to run into him grocery shopping a month or so into the shutdown. He keeps going on and on about how great their business is doing; it’s not, and I know this as many of their clientele work with us now, but I say nothing to him about it.

Old Boss: *Smugly* “I bet you’re regretting your decision now.”

Me: “Not at all. Why would I?”

Old Boss: “Well, I mean we’re still all employed.”

Me: “Yes, so am I.”

Old Boss: “But the building isn’t open.”

Me: “Right, because my boss cares about our safety and we’re all working from home.”

Old Boss: “Oh, well, I mean, they don’t pay you what I paid you.”

Me: “Right again; I make double what I made with you.”

Old Boss: “Oh. I bet your coworkers suck, huh?”

Me: “Nope, I love them.”

Old Boss: *Angrily* “So, you don’t regret anything at all?”

Me: “Well, there is one thing.”

He looks smug again like he has finally gotten something to lord over me, but I’ve entertained his nonsense long enough.

Me: “I regret not leaving sooner.”

He looked shocked and deflated. I walked away, glad to be away from him. He applied to my company last month. He was not selected for an interview.

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