Avogadro’s Alligator

, , , , | Learning | February 2, 2020

(My ninth-grade bio teacher is a little off. She loves the subject and is good at teaching the class, but she phrases things in the funniest ways and tells barely related stories. One day, we’re talking about population dynamics:)

Teacher: “The alligator population is an example of a [science terms]. Did I ever tell you about wanting a lap gator? Instead of a lap dog, I want to someday own a cute little alligator.” *pulls out plush alligator* “Like this one, Louie. A few years ago, I told this story, and for the end of the year, they pooled their money and gave me this adorable little one.”

(My older sister was in that class, and she said she remembered the ringleader, who’d wanted to show how fierce gators were! The same teacher had a persistent rivalry with the other honors science teachers, made the noisiest PowerPoints, displayed a dozen stuffed pigs on her wall, and had an obsession with Avogadro’s number. My favorite teacher!)

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