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, , | Right | November 19, 2020

During a busy lunch, one of my staff members comes up to ask me a question.

Staff Member: “If a customer orders a chicken and avocado focaccia and then rejects it saying she’s allergic to avocado, does she have to pay for something else?”

Me: “She ordered a chicken and avocado focaccia?”

Staff Member: “Yes.”

Me: “She actually said, ‘Chicken and avocado’?”

Staff Member: “Yes.”

Me: “Then yes, she does have to pay if she wants something else.”

Staff Member: “Yeah, she doesn’t think she should have to.”

Me: “She ordered a focaccia with the ingredient she doesn’t like right in the name; she’s not getting anything else for free. I’ll talk to her.”

Long story short: the customer was not allergic, just didn’t like avocado, and forgot to ask for it to be taken out. In the end, she picked it out herself.