Avenging Its Spider Brother

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(As a child, I was very fond of spiders, and I am still quite fascinated with them. However, when I was about four, one spider was annoyed by me and bit me hard enough to make me bleed, so I am still VERY afraid of spiders of that kind. Unfortunately, those are the most common spiders where I live. Even more unfortunate is the fact that I was watching Netflix and minding my own business when one of these spiders, a huge one at that, decides to run on to my bed and head straight for my head.)

Me: *bloodcurdling scream that lasts for well over a minute while I scramble out of bed, try to get my laptop to safety and my blanket down, because the spider is actually FOLLOWING ME* “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! SPIDEEEEEEEEEEER! DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, DIEEEEEEE!”

(After managing to kill it, I walk down the stairs, followed by my dog, still quite pale and traumatized. My parents are sitting on the couch and staring at me.)

Mum: “If you tell me to go into your room to kill a spider, I hereby remind you that I will never do that.”

Me: “Nah… it’s okay… I got it… I just need some time to calm down…”

(I sit down with them, while my dog, who followed me downstairs and was quite scared by my scream, just looks at me as if she’s worried I’m losing my mind. After calming down for a while, I get myself a new water bottle before heading upstairs, but make a stop to collect my dog from the couch.)

Me: “On a scale of one to ten, though, how was my scream?”

Mum: “Fifteen. Never do that again.”

Me: “I’m not planning on it. I’m going to go to sleep, so goooood niiiiiiiiight,  SPIDEEEEEEEER!”

(Lo and behold, on the floor right in front of me was another spider of the same kind and even bigger than my recently murdered roommate. Although I managed to kill that one too, I was far too freaked out to do anything that involved closing my eyes. My dog seems to hold a grudge against me because I scared her, and I am currently sitting here at 2:07 am and writing this, with all the lights in my room on. So far, no new spiders — but I’ll be watching.)

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