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Autocorrect Rears Its Ugly Head Again

, , , , | Working | May 3, 2022

A woman had been let go from her job a few days earlier, and I emailed her her final timesheet at the end of the week for her to sign. Not knowing if she’d be in front of her computer to see the email, I sent her a text.

Text: “Timesheet sent to sign pls”

Text: “Are you home”

I pressed send and the phone autocorrected the last word… to “homeless”.

I knew that she’d been having a hard time before she’d been let go and, even though we’d parted on good terms, I knew this would not sit well with her. I sent “*HOME” right after. but I never heard back from her again, save for receiving her signed timesheet half an hour later.

Oh, and the annoying part is, I’d been dumbing down my texts over the past year because of the ribbing of overly-formal texts. I was told that punctuation in texting can come off as rude! AARGH!

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