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Auntie’s Opinions = Facts

, , , | Related | January 7, 2019

(I am calling my elderly aunt and uncle on New Year’s Eve, just to see how they are and to wish them a happy new year. My aunt then brings up the Christmas card that my mom sent her which had a picture of my entire immediate family at my younger sister’s wedding last May.)

Elderly Aunt: “Your mom sent you a picture from [Sister]’s wedding, right?”

Me: “Yes.”

Elderly Aunt: “Did you realize that your husband had the nerve to wear a cowboy hat to [Sister]’s wedding?!”

Me: “Yes. Did you know he always wears a cowboy hat to formal events unless he has to wear his military uniform?”

Elderly Aunt: “But it’s so disrespectful! No one from Long Island wears a cowboy hat!”

(She is from Long Island, as is most of my family, but we have mostly relocated to Delaware — where she and my immediate family live — and Pennsylvania.)

Me: “Why? You know full well that he is from rural Kentucky where proper ‘formal’ attire can include a cowboy hat! He was in the Air Force for almost twenty years, and he always wore a cowboy hat to events that didn’t require a military uniform!”

Elderly Aunt: “But didn’t your mother get upset?”

Me: “Uh, no, she told everyone to wear what they were comfortable with. As you can see, he was wearing a western-style formal suit, which would include a cowboy hat. You were also at our wedding five years ago, where he wore that same suit and cowboy hat. We had a fairly formal wedding at the chapel on the Air Force base, if you can recall.”

Elderly Aunt: “But it is so disrespectful to wear a cowboy hat! I can’t believe that your mother and sister didn’t order him to remove it immediately!”

Me: “What is your deal? [Husband] wearing a cowboy hat to an outdoor wedding didn’t offend one single person at the wedding!”

Elderly Aunt: “But I think that it’s disrespectful! He could have worn a top hat or other type of hat! Cowboy hats are just trashy, if you ask me!”

Me: “Then don’t go to Texas or anywhere else in the south or west. When [Husband] and I took a road trip through Texas and other points west, we saw lots of respectable people wearing cowboy hats.”

Elderly Aunt: “But I think it’s still rude!”