August Top Story Roundup

| Not Always Romantic | Romantic | September 2, 2012

August Top Story Roundup: From bully-inspired first meetings to pop-culture proposals, here are our top-rated stories for the month of August!

  1. Ignorance Breeds Hate, Honesty Breeds A Family (1,217 thumbs up)
    A bully pushes a student into the arms of the popular guy at school—and his future soulmate!
  2. Save The Day, Get The Girl (1,142 thumbs up)
    A ju-jitsu martial artist stands up for what’s right—and wins the right girl’s heart.
  3. One Ring To Rule Her All (1,035 thumbs up)
    A Lord of the Rings fan makes an absolutely “Precious” proposal to his fiancee!
  4. Girls’ Night Shout (997 thumbs up)
    A chauvinist bar patron gets the earful of a lifetime when he insults the wrong girl.
  5. Espresso-ing His Intensions (948 thumbs up)
    A cute guy’s flirting could use a “cup”-ple of improvements, but it’s a nice “change” from the norm!

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