August Top Story Roundup

Right | September 2, 2012

August Top Story Roundup: From unexpectedly brave employees to courageous cosplayers, these are the top stories for the month of August!

  1. A Knight In Patrolling Armor (3,479 thumbs up)
    A bigoted customer gets what she deserves, while the employee gets what he desires!
  2. Courage Under Hire (3,457 thumbs up)
    Held up by a robber at knife point? Just another stupid customer for this brave gas station employee.
  3. Lightening In A Bottle (3,293 thumbs up)
    This wine store clerk has plenty to drink to for their birthday, courtesy of an awesome customer!
  4. The Cosplayer Is Always Right (3,047 thumbs up)
    Batman, Pikachu, and Master Chief save the day for cosplayers everywhere!
  5. Good News For (A Heckuva Lot Of) Change (2,948 thumbs up)
    An extremely excited new dad spreads the love for an unsuspecting ice cream shop employee.

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