August Top Story Roundup

Not Always Working | Working | September 2, 2012

August Top Story Roundup: Here are our top-rated stories for the month of August!

  1. Nice To Get Helped For A Change (840 thumbs up)
    A transgendered customer and her friend get help, while a bigoted employee gets the boot!
  2. Familiarity Brews Confusion (803 thumbs up)
    Don’t remember what to call a regular customer? Just call out her favorite order!
  3. From A Day Off To An Awful Day (775 thumbs up)
    You know it’s time to quit when you can’t even get a break on your day off.
  4. Stupid In Any Language (749 thumbs up)
    An uncouth coworker learns a lesson in diplomacy from two female customers!
  5. The League Of Extraordinary Diversity (741 thumbs up)
    A complaining employee lists everything bad thing with America—only to find them all in his coworker!

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