August Top Story Roundup

Not Always Related | Related | September 2, 2012

August Top Story Roundup: Here are our top-rated stories for the month of August!

  1. Very Heavy Petting (545 thumbs up)
    Cats may be part of the family, but their hugs are a bit “claw”-ful!
  2. Pray That He Never Heard Of That (505 thumbs up)
    Grandpa may be devout, but she doesn’t mince words, even with the Lord.
  3. The Cold Veritas Of Dog Ownership (463 thumbs up)
    Your daughter may be 18 and going to college, but she’s not done with baby talk!
  4. Blood Relatives (425 thumbs up)
    Sisters usually share things with each other, but used menstrual hygiene products isn’t one of them.
  5. Best To Be Defy Aunt (439 thumbs up)
    Mother-in-laws are enough to deal with, but mothers-in-law-in-your-house cross the line!

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