Atypically Stereotypical

| Friendly | April 10, 2015

(This happens to a friend of mine who prides himself on not submitting to stereotypes. He’s in an empty carriage on the train with his laptop, iPod, and headphones on. He types away on a laptop, listening to music. Into the carriage walk three young men, nodding at my friend. He looks at men in corner of his eye. They’re heavily tattooed, pierced in multiple places, and dressed head to toe in black gothic clothing. The men take a seat and glance at my friend occasionally. He casually closes his laptop and puts it in his bag. He feels like they might be thieves – or worse. He turns his iPod off, but continues to move his head as though he’s listening to music. The men continue to look around suspiciously. My friend pulls an ear plug out and tries to listen to their conversation in case they’re talking about attacking him. Finally, he hears the men speak:)

Man #1: “—Aww, man, I hate taking the train at night.”

Man #2: “Yeah, my mum thinks I’ll get mugged. I stay near the guard carriage.”

Man #3: “That guy is tough. He’s not even bothered.”

(Safe to say friend felt pretty silly judging them for their appearance!)

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