Attention Detention

England, UK | Learning | January 19, 2017

(A group of us are sent on a course paid by the company. We all know each other so spend a lot of time together during and in between classes. The only female student loves the attention, but as the novelty wears off she starts to act differently. First it is by publicising her private life and over-acting, then it moves on to making things up. Recently she is always the victim in these stories.)

Girl: *out of nowhere* “Ugh the other day, I went to [Fast Food] place, and the guy was so rude.”

Classmate: *barely interested* “Oh, yeah?”

Girl: “The guy was so mean, just because I was a woman.”

Classmate: “What happened?”

Girl: “Right, I ordered my meal at the drive-thru, then he tells me he won’t serve me. I had to get the manager over to sort him out. He’s probably fired.”

(The whole class has turned around. Her acting is Oscar-worthy, but something pops into my head.)

Me: “Hang on, I was with you. Actually, I was the one driving! What was it? Oh, yeah, they were out of something and you had a right fit. The manager came over to calm you down and offer you something similar.”

(Thankfully the ‘stories’ stopped after that. Unfortunately her attention seeking didn’t. Despite being in a heavy industry environment, she would dress in skimpy outfits, have a string of work ‘romances,’ etc., until the attention seeking took up more time than she was supposed to be working, and eventually she was fired.)

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