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Attend The Tale Of Entitled Mom

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: StarCoveredGalaxy | January 31, 2022

My mom and I were visiting family for the summer, so we had to fly. A woman and her son were seated behind my mom and me on the plane.

I love musicals. The one I’m currently obsessed with is the “Sweeney Todd” movie adaptation because I finally got around to watching it and I loved it! So, of course, I downloaded it for the flight.

I was watching the movie with headphones on, enjoying myself. I had no idea that the little kid behind me was also watching through the gap in the seats.

When Sweeney made his first kill, of course, it was full of blood. And I heard a tiny scream from the kid behind me. The kid’s mother attended to her precious angel and then turned to me.

Woman: “Turn your movie off! It scared my little baby!

Me: “I’m not going to do that. Why was your kid even snooping on my movie in the first place? It’s your job to make sure your kid is occupied enough to not bother other people. I wasn’t disturbing anyone, and I was minding my own business. I’m not going to change my movie on my phone to satisfy your kid.”

Meanwhile, the kid was yelling, “Make her change it, Mommy!” over and over again.

The woman immediately called a flight attendant.

Woman: “This passenger refused to stop watching their ungodly horror movies and was showing them to my kid!”

I rolled my eyes.

Flight Attendant: *To me* “Can you tell me what happened?”

Me: “I was just watching my movie when, suddenly, I noticed that this kid was snooping at my phone from between the seats.”

Flight Attendant: *To the woman* “Ma’am, there’s nothing I can do. I suggest that you give your child an activity to do so he doesn’t see anything he isn’t supposed to be seeing.”

The woman pouted and ended up giving her kid her phone.

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