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Attack Of The Tsunami Bears! With Explosive Rockets!

, , , , , | Right | June 25, 2023

I am taking a customer through some of our options. He is interested in our all-terrain four-wheel-drive models.

Customer: “So, can this car survive a bear attack?”

Me: “Well… I’m not an expert on bear behavior, but I would safely say that if you’re already in the vehicle and a bear decides to attack it, you should be fine as long as you drive away.”

Customer: “What about water? How good is it in water?”

Me: “This model is rated to 700 mm or 2.3 feet.”

Customer: “But what if there’s a tsunami?”

Me: “A tsunami?”

Customer: “What happens if there is a tsunami? Will I be able to drive through it?”

Me: “Sure… if the tsunami is under 2.3 feet.”

Customer: “And fire damage? What if there’s, like, an explosion nearby? How safe would I be?”

Me: “Sir… where are you going with this vehicle?”

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