Attack Of The Giant Alien Zombie-Sloth Spider-Centaur-Irish-Barmaid

| Pittsburgh, PA, USA | Friendly | April 13, 2016

(My roommate and I are hanging out at home and reading. I start to chuckle as I reach a certain point in my story.)

Roommate: “What’s so funny?”

Me: “Giant alien zombie sloths. Except they’re centaurs, I think. The author’s not very specific with the species description. But it’s definitely giant alien zombies of some sort.”

Roommate: “All righty, then.”

(A few minutes pass, and I begin to chuckle again.)

Roommate: “Now what?”

Me: “Possible giant alien zombie spiders — Oh, wait, false alarm. The giant taxidermied alien spider just got misplaced for a little while.”

Roommate: “You read the weirdest books.”

Me: “This from the woman rereading the one about the Irish barmaid, the real estate tycoon, the elf prince, and the ghost for what, the fifteenth time?”

Roommate: “Everybody needs a hobby.”

(After which we both go back to our books, satisfied with the outcome of the verbal joust. Until next time, O Roommate. Until next time…)

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