Attack Of The Cownivores

, | | Right | November 9, 2009

(Most corn that is grown in Iowa is for livestock. We sell sweet corn at our stand that sits in front of our feed corn field by the road.)

Customer: “I want some of that corn.” *gestures toward feed corn field*

Me: “Oh, that’s not sweet corn. That’s feed corn.”

Customer: “What?! All corn is sweet corn.”

Me: “No, there is sweet corn grown especially for humans and feed corn grown for cattle.”

Customer: “Bulls***! I know you stupid hicks are trying to cheat me! Cows are meat-eaters!”

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  • Aaron

    I really, really want to find out who taught them that…

    • Moon

      Me too!

      • Aaron

        Do we thank them for helping expose an idiot, or berate them for increasing the level of stupidity in the world?

        • Moon

          Good Question.