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Attack Of The Couponators

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Every day, we open at six and close at midnight. At 11:30 pm, the store makes an announcement that tells customers they have a half-hour before the store closes. At 11:45, there’s another announcement.

At 11:50, I get called because they need another cashier (I work in the back), so I oblige. When I head up, I can’t believe what I see: two ladies have four completely-full shopping carts. With only ten minutes left, I am furious, but it’s my job.

They put everything on the belt and I get it through in about eight minutes, which is pretty good. Their total is $545, and they proceed to hand me a stack of coupons. There are 447, to be exact — I counted. Out of those 447 coupons, 112 work; the others don’t. I told the ladies why the coupons don’t work — they’re expired, they had multiples of the same coupon for one item, or they didn’t get the item that the coupon was for — but, oh, they are not going to have that.

They demand to see my manager. My manager comes over and I tell her what happened. My manager looks through every item and then gives up and overrides every coupon. That means that the three coupons they have for one box of cereal, they get it.

When they go to pay, all they owe is $25, which they paid with food stamps. Then, they get upset because their food stamps do not cover the tax that they charge for using coupons, which is $5.

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