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ATM Clearly Stands For “Attitude = Thankless Much?”

, , , , | Friendly | July 9, 2021

I’m waiting to use the ATM. A woman is currently taking her sweet time about it. When she finally finishes and walks away, I spot that she has left some money sticking out of the machine.

Me: “Excuse me. Excuse me!”

She stares at me.

Me: “You left your money.”

She takes the money but doesn’t say a word.

Me: “Wow, don’t thank me or anything, will you?!”

She wanders off. I think for a second about the beer I could have bought with it instead, contemplating if she spoke English or not.

I finish my transaction and turn to see a man approaching with the woman from before.

Man: *Angry* “What did you say to her?”

Me: “I told her she should have thanked me.”

Man: “What?! For what?”

Me: “She left her money in the machine. Instead of taking it for myself, I let her know.”

Man: *Turning to her* “What is your problem lately? You’re rude! You lie! Wait until we get home!”

They continue their conversation in another language for some time.

Me: “Look, it’s over. And I have places I would rather be.”

Man: “I am really sorry. Look. I run the shop on the corner. You come in sometime, yeah?”

Me: “Uh, yeah. Whatever.”

I forgot all about it for months. I only went to the shop when the local one didn’t have what I needed. The guy was behind the counter and recognised me. 

He made me wait while he fetched some pastry things from the back. Apparently, they make them weekly (and they tasted awesome). He apologised again. It turns out the woman was his daughter and she had a real attitude problem.

I started to go to his little shop more often, and he would always make time for me and would sell me more of those pastry things I loved.

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