At Your Earliest Inconvenience

| Working | May 11, 2014

(I am interviewing for a job that I’m excited about. However, I get a bit too excited and wind up showing an hour early.)

Me: “Hi. My name’s [My Name] and I have an interview with the hiring manager?”

Receptionist: “Um….”

Me: “I’m a bit early. If he’s busy, then I can wait.”

Receptionist: “Uh… ok… I’ll tell him that you’re here.”

(Giving me a weird look, the receptionist goes to the back. In a few minutes, she’s back with the hiring manager, who wears a bewildered look.)

Me: “Hi! I’m [My Name]. I apologize for being so early.”

Hiring Manager: “That’s okay…”

(There’s an awkward silence.)

Me: “… If there’s a problem, I can wait. Are you busy?”

Hiring Manager: “No, I’m not. No, I can sit down and talk with you.”

(He gestures to a table and we sit.)

Hiring Manager: “So, what made you come so early?”

Me: “I guess I’m just so excited about this job!”

Hiring Manager: *doesn’t laugh or smile with me*

Me: “Um… I made a mistake with the time?”

Hiring Manager: *nods* “Mistake. With the time. I see.”

Me: “But, at least I’m not late, right? It’s better to be early than late, right? Right?”

(Crickets chirped as the hiring manager said nothing and wrote notes. All through the interview he kept coming back to why I was early. I didn’t get the job. Next time, I arrived right on the dot!)

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