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At This Rate, You’ll Be Done By Next Spring

, , , , | Right | June 9, 2023

A client commissioned me to do a watercolour painting of his Federation house which had a garden in front. I send him a photo of the final painting.

Client: “My wife doesn’t like it because the plum tree in the centre of the lawn isn’t in flower. You need to repaint the tree to how it looks in spring.”

Me: “The tree wasn’t in flower on the day I took the photos. You were both with me when I took them, and no one asked me to do the tree that way.”

Client: “Well, I am telling you now.”

Me: “Watercolour doesn’t allow you to ‘repaint the tree’ unlike acrylics or oils would. I’ll have to do the whole thing again.”

Client: “Yes.”

Nothing else… just “yes.”

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