At The Wrist Of Sounding Like A Smart Aleck

| Learning | June 24, 2013

(In math class, the teacher writes the math problems down on a transparency that is projected on to the wall. As she is writing, she keeps turning the transparency page instead of moving her hand, making it hard to read.)

Student: “Excuse me, Ms.[teacher], can you stop turning the transparency please? We can’t read it.”

Teacher: “I’ll turn it back in a second when I’m done writing. I can’t move my hand.”

Student: “Why?”

Teacher: “My bracelet is stuck to the overhead. Does someone want to come help me?”

(A student gets up and goes to help unlatch the teacher’s bracelet from the overhead.)

Teacher: “Thank You. That is the second time this has happened today! Do you think I should take this bracelet off?”

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