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At The ‘Top’ Of The Class

| Learning | December 23, 2015

(I’m in my very relaxed high school classroom, where the next door room is also connected to this one through a door in the wall. The teachers are able to move between them. The teachers are all extremely friendly and treat you like you’re good buddies. My teacher is talking about how much he likes the famous comedian “Carrot Top” and how much the next door teacher hates him.)

Teacher #1: “[Teacher #2] will yell at you if you bring up Carrot Top in his presence. It’s absurd how much he hates him.”

Me: *to Teacher #1* “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was like Beetlejuice where you can summon [Teacher #2] by saying Carrot Top three times?”

Teacher #1: “Try it and see!” *laughs*


(The whole class goes silent as we wait for a response. Suddenly the door connecting our rooms swings open and Teacher #2 leans in and looks me right in the eye.)

Teacher #2: “Shut the f*** up, [My Name].”

(He backs out of the room and closes the door. Everyone is speechless when suddenly we all erupt into laughter.)

Me: *yelling through the wall* “I love you too, [Teacher #2]!”

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