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At The Boss’s Beck And Calling

| Working | December 26, 2013

(My roommate and I work for the same grocery store; however, I work outside the store and she works in it. An hour before my shift, my phone rings.)

Me: “Hello?”

Boss: “Hey, [My Name]. Where’s your roommate?”

Me: “Not here, as far as I know. She was gone when I got up this morning.”

Boss: “I can’t get a hold of her and I need her to come in tonight.”

Me: “I’m not sure where she went, and I think she left her phone here. I heard it ringing earlier.”

Boss: “Could you find her and ask if she’d come in today?”

Me: “I don’t know where she is. If she doesn’t have her phone I don’t have a way to reach her.”

Boss: “But you live with her.”

Me: “Yeah, but she’s not here. I’ll be at work myself in a little bit.”

Boss: “But you live with her!”

Me: “I also live with my cat. Wanna talk to him?”

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