At Least You Have The Memory As A Souvenir

, , , | Working | September 15, 2020

My dad and mom are out to dinner. The waitress takes their drink orders, but when my dad orders his drink, she makes an alternative offer.

Waitress: “Why don’t you try [specialty drink]? It even comes in a souvenir cup.”

Dad: “Sure, why not?”

A few minutes later, she brings the drinks, but my dad’s drink is in a regular glass.

Dad: “Excuse me. I thought you said this came in a souvenir cup?”

Waitress: “Oh, we don’t have any more of those cups.”

And then she just walked away. I wonder if she knew that when she sold him the drink and just upsold on autopilot, or if she really didn’t know, but my dad was so confused why she didn’t let him know that key detail.

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