At Least You Didn’t End Up With Egg On Your Face

, , , , | Right | March 4, 2021

I am stocking eggs. This woman picks a twelve-pack of eggs out of the cooler and accidentally knocks two six-packs off the shelf. One hits the other door and winds up under the shelf. The other falls onto the edge of the shelf and leans up against the other door. I open the left door to reach around to pick up and save the eggs, as none have broken. As I am reaching, the woman quickly yanks the right door open, allowing the eggs to splat on the floor.

Me: “You know that is why I opened this door and was reaching around — to save those eggs — right?”

Woman: “Oh, sorry!”

The customer’s boyfriend, who was standing behind her, looked at me, shrugging his shoulders, with a look like, “Now you see what I have to deal with!”

No customer cleans up their own messes, so of course, I had to clean up the egg mess.

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