At Least We Know This Doesn’t Happen To Him Often

, , , , | Legal | January 7, 2021

I am stopped at a light where the road is sheer ice, and I get rear-ended. Since it’s impossible for me to brake, due to the ice, the effect is similar to a curling rock and I slide forward and hit the vehicle in front of me. Even though three vehicles are involved, it is a very minor incident.

We exchange insurance information and numbers and go about our way after a few minutes. There is no visible damage to the car that hit me, I have a few scratches on my car, and the guy I hit has a cracked back bumper.

A few days later, I text the guy who hit me to make sure I got the right number. After confirming, he says:

Driver: “Let it go to the police. If they decide I need to pay, then I will contact my insurance, no problem. Can we let the police decide? Let’s choose the time and then go to the police; whatever the police decide, I will be ready to do it.”

I just couldn’t believe it. I guess he’d never been in an accident before, but who thinks this is how it works?

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