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At Least This Ends With A Boost, If Not A Caffeine One

, , , , | Working | May 19, 2022

I had been working on my customer service job for almost six months, at which time I would get more secure from being fired and have the opportunity to get loans from the bank. The recruitment firm I was hired through then called me about another job. I was happy where I was, but thought I could check it out.

I went to the interview after work and sat down with the potential employer.

Employer: “So, do you know about [Brand]?”

Me: “Yes, you sell coffee, right?”

Employer: “Yes, exactly. Do you drink coffee?”

Me: “No, I don’t drink coffee.”

Employer: “Oh, don’t worry. We’ll have you drinking coffee in no time! Do you like hot chocolate?”

Me: “Yes, I usually drink hot chocolate when others drink coffee.”

Employer: “We have a chocolate coffee; it’s a good place to start.”

I’m slightly confused. I don’t want to drink coffee, and I’m not sure why we are having this discussion.

Employer: “So, I have a few questions, but first, do you have any questions about the job?”

I had a lot of questions and was honest when it was something I was hesitant about, upon which he tried to sell it. However, when I asked about the most important part to me, getting the security you usually get after six months, he said they probably couldn’t give that. As I finished asking my questions, he thanked me for the interview, never even asking me anything, and I figured I hadn’t made a good impression.

I was wrong.

The next day, I got an offer. I asked if I could get secure employment, but they said no, so I turned it down. Then, they called back offering a higher salary but still no secure employment, so I turned it down again. This went on for a while, and they called me while I was at work, as well. Eventually, they got the picture and stopped, though I was tempted as the salary they offered was significantly higher than my current one in the end.

The next week, my boss called me in and gave me a surprise raise. I guess someone at work overheard my calls.

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