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At Least They’ll Stop Being Short With Customers For A Change

| Working | September 24, 2012

(I’m in line at my local dollar store. The customer in front of me is short on her transaction of diapers and wipes.)

Customer: “Is it okay if I exchange for cheaper wipes real quick?”

Cashier: *rolls her eyes* “FINE, but you better be quick about it! There’s a customer behind you.”

Me: “Oh, I’m in no hurry take your time. I only have a couple of items anyway.”

(The customer hurries to the back of the store, grabs the cheaper wipes, and hurries back.)

Customer: “Sorry about that.”

Cashier: *rolls her eyes again* “Your total is now $6.79.”

Customer: “That’s still too high… I only have $6.00.”

Cashier: “It’s $6.79, NOT $6.00.”

(At this point, the customer is clearly distressed and embarrassed while she tries to decide what to put back.)

Me: *to the customer* “Hey i can cover the difference. No worries.”

Customer: *smiles*

Cashier: “You SURE you want to do that?”

Me: “Uh, yeah, why not? It’s only 79 cents.”

Cashier: “Fine!”

(Hearing the commotion, the manager comes over.)

Manager: “Is everything alright?”

Cashier: “Oh, this lady wants to help this other one with her purchase.”

Manager: *to me* “Oh, that is very nice of you.”

(As soon as the manager leaves, the cashier instantly goes back to being rude while she rings up my items. Needless to say, I reported the cashier to the same manager. Last I heard, the cashier got a pink slip!)

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