At Least They’ll Stop Being Short With Customers For A Change, Part 2

, | Working | February 12, 2013

(My mom is ordering us lunch at a popular fast food chain.)

My Mom: “I’d like a number 2 with a diet iced tea, and a number 3 with a Diet Coke.”

Employee: “Okay, that’ll be $8.75.”

My Mom: *hands employee $10.75*

Employee: “Here’s your change. have a nice day!”

My Mom: “You only gave me back $1 instead of $2.”

Employee: “No, the change is $1.”

My Mom: “Here’s the receipt you just gave me. It even says the change is $2.”

Employee: *looks at receipt, confused* “But… I gave you $1.”

My Mom: “Well, you owe me $1 more.”

Employee: “I gave you a $1 already.”

Me: “$10.75 minus $8.75 equals $2. You only gave her $1, so you owe her another $1.”

(The employee runs off with a look of confusion on her face and gets the manager. The manager looks at the receipt, and then back at my mom.)

Manager: “So, my employee gave you $1 already. What seems to be the problem?”

My Mom: “She still owes me another $1. The total was $8.75, I gave her $10.75, she only gave me back $1 in change. So, I’m still owed another $1.”

Manager: “I really don’t understand. She already gave you $1.”

My Mom: *sighs* “If you get out a calculator, you’ll see that $10.75 minus $8.75 does indeed equal $2. So, since I was only given $1, I’m still owed another $1.”

Manager: “You already got your change! Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

My Mom: “Just give me my receipt. I’ll call tomorrow.”

(We called back the next day and asked for the owner. The owner gave us a $30 gift card for our trouble!)


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