At Least They’ll Stop Being Short With Coworkers For A Change

, | USA | Working | March 27, 2013

(I have just gotten back from vacation and am only on clock for a few minutes when the manager calls me back into the office.)

Manager: “I think you know why I called you back here.”

Me: “Actually I have no idea. Is something wrong?”

Manager: “I’ll say! Your drawer yesterday was short fifty dollars! That’s an automatic write-up.”

Me: “Wait, did you say yesterday?”

Manager: “Yes, register two from [date]. That was yesterday. You know, I really never expected this from you. Your drawers are usually spot on! Just so you know, I’m very disappointed.”

Me: “I am too. You know why? Because I did not work yesterday. I was on vacation for the week. I don’t know who clocked me in on a register but I am very disappointed they would use my numbers when I wasn’t here.”

(As soon as I say this, the manager kicks me out of her office and refuses to speak to me. Later, the store owner approaches me.)

Store Owner: “I heard what happened yesterday. I’m not trying to accuse you of anything but I don’t want you to get fired, so if you just give back the missing money I can drop your suspension down to only one week instead of four.”

Me: “Actually, I’m glad you brought this up and came to speak to me because I need your help to clear up this mess.”

(I proceed to tell him the same story. He simply nods and goes into the office. Ten minutes later he is accompanied by the manager.)

Manager: “I just wanted to apologize. We checked the computer and it does say your were on paid vacation yesterday and the video does show someone else working that drawer in your name. So, you’re not in trouble anymore.”

Me: “Thank you for helping me get that cleared up!”

Manager: *sulks away*

Store Owner: “I should have known it wasn’t you! You haven’t gotten into any trouble since you started working here.”

Me: “Do you mind if I ask who was working that drawer in my name?”

Store Owner: “Actually, it was [manager]. She’s been written up and put on suspension and I’m sending her home early today. Sorry she gave you a hard time.”


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