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“At Least She Was Nice” Is The Best You Can Hope For Around Here

, , , | Right | September 5, 2023

I used to work at a major, well-known retail chain. I worked up front on the registers and in customer service. I was very much customer-facing, so I had lots of regulars who knew me. Our uniform included black or khaki pants and a blue or white collared shirt, and I always wore my hair tied back at work.

One day, I was off, so I was wearing shorts and a graphic tee, and my hair was loose. I went on a date with my boyfriend, and to kill time before our movie started, we wandered around a different, also well-known retail chain.

A lady who looked vaguely familiar came up to me.

Lady: “Hi! Can you tell me where your headphones are? I know you’ll know; you always know where stuff is.”

Yay for the compliment, I guess.

I kind of just stared for a second and then started looking around for an employee.

Me: *Stammering* “Um… I’m not entirely sure…”

The lady paused, looked at me again, and took in my outfit.

Lady: “Oh, my goodness! It’s your day off! I’m so sorry to bother you while you’re getting some shopping. I’ll find someone who’s working today!”

And off she went… still not realizing she had the wrong store employee.

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