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At Least Say Hello Before Becoming A Victim Of Identity Fraud

, , , , | Right | June 27, 2019

(I work at an insurance company in Canada and we service ONLY Canada. There is a bank in the southern United States that has accidentally printed our customer service number on their debit cards. Our numbers are only one number different, so once I explain to the client what the bank’s ACTUAL number is there usually isn’t an issue. But sometimes the client just doesn’t “get it,” and there are phone calls like this all the time.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Insurance Company]. How can I help you?”

Bank Customer: *in a heavy Southern accent* “Hi. I just used my card at a [Pharmacy Chain] and it was declined; can you tell me why this happened?”

Me: “Sorry, are you trying to reach [Bank]?”

Bank Customer: “Yes… This is [Bank] that I’m speaking with!”

Me: “Sorry for the inconvenience, but [Bank] accidentally printed the wrong number on their card. Their actual number is [number], so just make sure you’re dialing an eight instead of a six.”

Bank Customer: “But I’m calling the number on the back of my card… It says this is the customer service number.”

Me: “Yes, I understand. It’s just that there was a misprint, and they accidentally put our number on their card. We are not your bank; we’re a Canadian insurance company.”

Bank Customer: “Well… I’m calling [our number].”

Me: “Yes, you are, and that is not your bank’s number; their number is [bank number].”

Bank Customer: “Okay… I’ll try again. I just called the number on the card…”

(I have also received this call many times:)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Insurance Company]; how can I help you?”

Bank Customer: “My Social Security number is—“

Me: “Sir! Please don’t tell me that information! This is not [Bank]!”

(Who STARTS a call with their SSN, anyway?)

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