At Least He Helped You Keep Your Cool

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It’s April, in the middle of the health crisis. My air conditioner went out over the weekend, so Monday morning, the repairman is here to work on it for me. When I answer the door, he’s wearing rubber gloves, which strikes me as a nice gesture, though he isn’t wearing a mask. He works on the unit for a while, finds the problem, and calls another employee to make the run from the warehouse to my place with the part he needs while he has lunch in his truck.

Eventually, the other employee arrives, and some time later, the repairman comes back inside. What’s odd is that when he comes back, he’s now wearing a bandana over his face, but no gloves! He goes to work on the AC, gets it finished and working, and then goes out to the truck to write up the bill.

This time, when he comes back, he has no gloves and no mask at all.

After he left, I got a routine call from the company to ask my opinion of the service I received, and they included a question about whether the repairman had been “using both a mask and gloves to protect your health.” I said I honestly didn’t know how to answer that, because he’d used both a mask and gloves, but not at the same time and not for the whole visit!

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