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At (Green)Peace With Yourself

| Learning | June 12, 2015

(My political science class is assigned to break into groups to give presentations over a list of organizations. My group of three picks Greenpeace, and I take charge and assign portions to each member.)

Me: So if we each take two questions, that’s six slides, and will be sufficient for the presentation. Email them to me and I’ll put the whole thing together.

(Two weeks later and presentation day arrives. I have not seen or heard from the rest of my group since the first day. On my turn, I approach the podium.)

Me: “I’ll be giving my presentation over Greenpeace… alone.”

Class: *hisses in sympathy*

(One of my group dropped the class the first day. Another one came back, but never made eye contact with me again. I received an A for my two slides – they both failed.)

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