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Astounding Audacity

, , , | Right | CREDIT: godhonouringstrapon | November 22, 2021

It was a busier night at the restaurant I worked in. I was serving a table with one couple and an extra woman. Things went as smoothly as they could’ve for a busy weekend dinner shift, and when I brought the bills — one for the couple and one for the single lady — the lady from the couple grabbed both bills and said she’d pay for it all.

I was a little nervous, kind of expecting the worst, but I brought the machine over, finished the transaction, and got 15% out of it — not the end of the world. After they left, when I went to bus, there was a $10 bill on the table! Nice!

I cleared the table and brought the dishes to the pit. As I walked back into the front, the single lady was walking back inside and flagged me down.

Lady: “Can I have my $10 back, please? I didn’t realize my friend had already tipped.”

Obviously, I’m not entitled to any tip at all — 15% is just fine — but I don’t know how anyone could get their meal for free and then have the guts to walk back into the restaurant to ask a server for their tip back. I could never do that; I’d be mortified. All my coworkers I told about the incident agreed they’d never be able to do that. I was totally taken aback.

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