Assumptions Are A Real Pain In The A**

, , , | Right | CREDIT: wakaiwaka | May 9, 2021

My dad and I are waiting in front of the host stand at a Mongolian BBQ. It is pretty busy, so we wait for a while. Another family walks in and gathers at the entrance. A few minutes go by before the mom of the family walks up to my dad.

Woman: “Ummm, are you going to seat us? We have a party of six.”

My dad and I are both Asian, but we were clearly on the customer side of the host stand and were dressed very casually.

My dad was caught off guard and didn’t know what to say. I was trying my best not to burst out laughing, but I was very much laughing at both of their faces. Immediately after, the white, blonde hostess took us to our table. We took one more look back and Mrs. Party Of Six looked like she’d just peed her pants. It was a delightful meal cooked by four Puerto Rican gentlemen.

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